Bulletin d'Informations Proustiennes - n°51

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The Bulletin d'informations proustiennes n° 51, 2021, celebrates the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Marcel Proust's birth with new unpublished material: twenty letters to his friend Louis d'Albufera, two to the Yeatmans, and a pastiche of Ernest Renan, identified in a draft notebook preserved at the BnF. There are also studies on the famous manuscript plates of the luxury edition of À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs, a dossier on the "exercise of speech" in À la recherche du temps perdu, approached through the tools of linguistics and stylistics, and of course the Notes de lecture and the chronique des ventes, which are still very important this year. The complete contents of this issue can be found here.

The Bulletin d'informations proustiennes (BIP), a journal under the direction of Nathalie Mauriac Dyer, reports each year on the work undertaken by the Proust team of the Institut des textes et manuscrits modernes (CNRS/ENS) in the fields of the genesis, editing, and interpretation of Marcel Proust's work. For the past fifteen years, the journal has regularly presented unpublished works. The second part of the Bulletin d'informations proustiennes is devoted to the Notes de lecture and to the detailed chronicle of Proustian sales, events and publications of the year.


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