Annual membership - young public - 2022

Reference: ADH002-2022


This is a membership for the calendar year 2022. It entitles you to receive the BMP 72.

Membership benefits include :


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This is a membership for the calendar year 2021. It entitles you to receive the Proust 2021 anthology, as well as the BMP 71.

Young-public membership is open to adults under 26 year-old.

Annual memberships help fund the publication of the Bulletin Marcel Proust, permit the museum Marcel Proust to be open to the public,  and contribute to the maintenance of the  « Maison de tante Léonie ».

Membership benefits include :

  • a free copy of the Bulletin Marcel Proust
  • reduced prices on other SAMP’s publications
  • Personal invitations and reduced prices on events
  • Free visits to Proust sites in Illiers-Combray

The cost of membership in the Société, recognized as a public interest entity, qualifies for a deduction from French income taxes up to 66% of the donated amount, within 20% of taxable income.

Thus, a 48€ membership only costs 16€ (if income taxes are paid in France)

You will receive a tax receipt for your gift.


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